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Posted by sby on July 18, 2019
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The Best Advantages That One Can Get From Direct Mail Marketing And Printing

Your philosophy in life and in your business can change entirely with direct mail. This may seem like a business buildup but this exact thing happened to me and wife before. The initial capital that we had for our business was just $300, that later on turned into about $16,000 in a month for less than one year. What we did is that we made an ad and placed it in national magazines where we got our customers, then we did pyramiding with the proceeds to make more ads to attract more customers. Although this had been a good strategy, we need to improve our game that is why when we started working with a mentor, we are told to not only focus on attracting new customers but to try and keep our existing customers by reselling our products to them by means of direct mail.

Within nine months, we were able to increase our weekly profit to an astonishing $25,000 since we shifted our strategy to utilizing direct mail which was taught to us by our mentor. I am one of the many success stories about this that is why I can really vouch that direct mail marketing is really effective.

Our mentor usually comes to our house during the weekend to work with us and of course, this is with pay. For the time and expertise of our mentor, we, were charged with $2,500 for the weekend services that we had. Since he knows very well how to go about direct mail and making money out of it, there was never a time when learning got boring. On Friday nights, we will pick him up from the airport to our residence, and start working on Saturday morning by talking about possible products and services that customers might find interesting, and we also get to talk about new promotions. Large mail-out with inserts as well as custom direct mail assembly are just one of the many topics that I and my mentor would talk about over coffee on a Saturday morning.

We will sit there and watch him take down notes, after which we go on talking, eating our food, and drinking coffee as we continue to share ideas. He would constantly stop us to get the business done. As he wrote the sales letters that we will be handing down, he would jot down all of the ideas that we have been expressing to him in his legal pads where he will translate them later on. To have all of the things jotted down saved in a floppy disk, we then dropped the legal pads in the house of the typist on Sunday. In order for me to be able to come up with sales letters for our customers, I need to tweak the copy of that was written by my mentor to start gaining profits.

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