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Posted by sby on July 18, 2019
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Buying Instagram Followers is Bad

Instagram can be a great tool for your business because it has a lot of marketing opportunities like paid ads, IGTV and product posts, to mention. However, capturing the attention of people does not depend solely on sharing pictures, liking posts, and collecting followers. You must spend time to interact with other users and to share, like, and comment on their posts–time that many business owners do not have.

Due to insufficient time, most businesses tend to buy instagram followers or engagement which is a mistake. This article tells you why you should not buy instagram followers to increase your engagement.

These Bots Are Not Humans

It is very tempting, indeed, to buy instagram followers who will follow, like, comment, and share the posts of instagrammers. With these instagram bots, it appears that you have plenty of followers and comments in just few hours or days.

For example, comments like “Awesome!” can be posted by an instagram bot on any post along with a hashtag you have made, and follow the poster.

The main problem with instagram bots is that they are robots, not humans. You can forget about engagement and although you gain a lot of followers, these are not genuinely interested on the products and services you offer.

Some Instagram users are also wise with Instagram bots hence, they do not follow those accounts that give a one-word comment on their posts. If users will begin to realize that you are using bots to boost your account, they may give negative feedback about your business and worse, other users might join them.

2. Buying Instagram Followers is a Faux

First off, by buying Instagram followers, you are going against the Terms of Use of Instagram.

Instagram is monitoring fake accounts and delete them so it is probable that later on you end up losing your paid followers and your account in Instagram will suffer.

Here are other problems when you buy instagram followers.
Buying instagram followers does not increase engagement since bots do not engage on the content of your posts.

It raises doubts on instagram users why you have a lot of followers but only have few engagements that is why your brand reputation may be destroyed.

There is no easy way to gain a lot of Instagram followers instantly. If you opt for taking shortcuts, you are putting your account in so much risk of being banned by Instagram and your are putting the reputation of your brand at risk. It would be better if you allot time on posting contents that are engaging, interacting with other users, and using appropriate hashtags to attract and retain people.

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