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Posted by sby on July 18, 2019
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Important truths about human teeth

Babies have twenty milk teeth while adults have thirty adult teeth. Teeth play a very important role in the human body. The main role of teeth is to chew food making it easier to be swallowed. Teeth aid in speech. A tooth has many parts used for different purposes. The gum in one’s mouth separates two parts of a tooth. Good understanding of the teeth makes it easier for a person to take good care of them. The points below are the different truths about teeth.

All the human teeth are different. Uniqueness is seen in all adult and baby teeth. Differences are seen in the size, shape and composition of human teeth. Determination of an individual can be done by checking their teeth. Human teeth are made up of four types of teeth. Human teeth are divided into canines, incisors, molars, and premolars. Incisors are placed in front, followed by canines at the sides, followed by premolars and then molars at the furthest corner of the mouth. The different types of teeth are used for different purposes during eating like grinding cutting and tearing.

Unborn children already have teeth. Gum in the human mouth covers teeth in babies. Milk teeth pop out of the gum when a baby is around six months old. The first milk teeth to appear are incisors. A baby with teeth chews easily and is able to pronounce letters easily. Formation of the crown and root of adult teeth start soon as the baby teeth start falling off. The number of adult teeth is thirty-two.

Bacteria are available in human teeth so the teeth should be cleaned regularly. Not all bacteria in the mouth are disadvantageous, some of them are advantageous. Availability of some bacteria in the mouth aid in food digestion. Some bacteria are found in the mouth because the mouth is mostly closed. Saliva in the mouth avails some of the bacteria. Teeth and the spaces between them should be properly cleaned to remove these bacteria. Different materials were used to clean the teeth in the ancient times before the invention of the toothbrush.

Tooth enamel protects against tender teeth. The hard part on the outside of the tooth is what is referred to as the enamel. A lot of strength is found in a tooth enamel enabling it to protect the tooth. The other parts of the tooth are soft and cannot withstand many contacts. The soft tissues are very important so the enamel protects them. Proper care should be taken on the teeth since one gets adult teeth once in their lifetime. One is able to take care of the teeth after understanding the facts above.

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